Security that brings peace of mind

CompleteEmpire employs the highest security standards including cloud security & backup protocols, SSL encryption, two-factor authentication, automated lockout & timed logout, audit logging, and advanced user management.

Cloud Security & Backup Protocols

CompleteEmpire resides in a leading cloud computing platform which employs a layered, defence in-depth strategy, advanced threat protection, and backup protocols to help protect your data in the cloud.

SSL Encryption

CompleteEmpire uses SSL encryption to protect your data in transit over the cloud.

Two-Factor Authentication

CompleteEmpire implements a strong password strategy, however you can turn on two-factor authentication to add that extra level of security.

Automated Lockout & Timed Logout

CompleteEmpire will lock your account upon three failed login attempts to prevent unauthorised access and will log you out after a period of inactivity in case you have left your computer unattended.

Audit Logging

CompleteEmpire records changes made to your data including who and when the changes were enacted to assist with fraud and theft detection.

Advanced User Management

CompleteEmpire provides you with total control over your user’s authentication & authorisation including revoking their access, resetting their password, and fine granularity permission assignment.