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CompleteEmpire is a powerful business management & sales software that facilitates intelligent business and supports your unique strategic & operational goals.

We understand the limitations of using multiple software systems with divided databases. The goal of our innovative sales and management platform is to integrate multiple aspects of your company allowing for an unsurpassed ability to manage all your business units.

CompleteEmpire will give you a distinct competitive edge by providing you with maximum visibility across your business. This will allow you to respond in real time with precision, resulting in improved efficiency and performance.

Grow with the global market, diversify your offer, capture business and improve profitability with CompleteEmpire.

The power and potential of CompleteEmpire was why we were chosen as the overall winner of the 2019 Consensus Software Awards.

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Consensus Software Awards - Winner 2019

Built with the future in mind

Our flexible system is built with the future in mind, meaning that our software can quickly and easily evolve with your company and be modified to suit operational changes. We use innovative technologies with the latest research and cutting-edge applications to enhance your systems lifespan.

Additional modules can be added for new service offerings, providing unprecedented visibility and a comprehensive single system environment. These include:

  • Consulting
  • Property management
  • Home Building
  • Syndication
  • Finance
  • Tax Agency
  • Financial Planning
  • Project marketing

Key Features


Quick property uploads
Automated availability matrix
Document management
Developments & residential
Customised property features
Full range of property types
Development planner


Templates or advanced upload
Database management
Realtime updating
Customisable tracking
Analytic reporting
Marketing cost analysis
Internal & external marketing


Automated lead capture
Prospect management
Advanced search
Full workflow management
Automated alerts & reminders
Opportunity tracking
Integrated telemarketing functions


Templated or customised
Wordpress design & support
Development support
Database integration
Tracking code plugins


Fully integrated
Internal & external referrals
Progress success visibility
Status tracking


Contact management
Email & event integration
Full CRM history
Relationship tracking

Syndication Investment

Inventory management
Loan & investment management
Document sharing
Enquiry & process management
Progress reporting
Project workflow manager
Financial management & accounts

Contact Logs

Quick entry
Full visibility
Team accountability
Contact log templates
Appointment calendar
Outlook synchronisation


Dashboard & widgets
Performance reports
Financial reports
Operational reports
Marketing reports
Event & survey reports
Customised reporting


Email campaigns
Database targeting
Campaign recipient tracker


Creation and management
Database integration
Client lead tracking
Survey tools
Client event history


Integrated into all elements
Check-lists & profiles
Compliance logs


Device Independent

Fully responsive layout
Access to all functions
Any screen or device


Deposit tracking option
Payment Options


Single login
Multiple profiles
Activity based security
Customised settings

Why you need CompleteEmpire

Gain control of every element of your business

  • Development planning & stock management
  • Internal & external sales management
  • Marketing costs & outcomes
  • Opportunity tracking & conversion
  • Compliance & content management

Marketing management

  • Email campaigns & events
  • Reporting, tracking, metrics
  • Client profiling & targeting

Efficiency & outcomes

  • Full visibility & accountability
  • Fully integrated websites & lead capture
  • Single system for all functions & operations
  • Detailed & customisable reporting

Excellent value, cost effective & reliable. Supporting your management and growth.

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