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Customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise management software

Why Choose CompleteEmpire

Create efficient workflows and streamline all your business needs, across each department, including marketing, sales and project management, on only one operating system.

Personalise your system to make your business processes easier, in your own language, style and method.

Have total visibility on all communications and activities for your business, saving you time and resources to respond with precision, resulting in improved efficiency and performance.

Choose modules tailored for your industry

Core modules encapsulate the base systems required to easily manage your business and are included in every subscription.

Popular Features
  • Document Management (DMS)
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Statistical & Analytical Reports

Tailored modules expand functionality to encompass your business industry, choose all that fit your business needs.

Popular Features
  • Sales
  • Consulting
  • Home Building

Streamline and automate workflows from client activities to staff communications, across business divisions, saving your business time and resources.

The Griffin Group has been a user of CompleteEmpire for a number of years and we are delighted to say that the journey has been a very successful one.

The team have worked with us on our needs at each step of the way to ensure we understand and utilise all of the software’s features and benefits.

As a business we have found the software to be ideal for the integration of all our divisions and the training and support has also been very focused on our business’ needs.

We still have a way to go, however, all of the team are now on the journey. The team’s passion for CompleteEmpire and dedication to ensure we enjoy its benefits has been very helpful.

Griffin Group

Managing Director
Our experience with CompleteEmpire has been very positive, the software easily streamlines tasks and allows us to customise our processes to suit our needs, allowing my business to be more efficient with day-to-day activities.

Specialist Mortgage

Director of Finance
During the past few years we have made significant progress in using CompleteEmpire to improve our internal business processes. It has been a robust, customizable and reliable solution.

The software’s functionality, flexibility and support has enabled us to efficiently automate our business processes, become more efficient with managing client relationships and improve performance and quality control, all whilst maintaining the highest level of data integrity.

CompleteEmpire’s commitment to provide the best product possible is continuously proven through regular improvements, added features, and a genuine openness to user feedback.

Griffin Group

Head of Integration & Efficiency
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