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Included in every subscription

Dashboard provides a quick reporting and analysis of your activity performance and can be customised to suit your business needs.

Our internal email system tracks client communication and has Microsoft 365 integration to record client and staff compliance requirements.

Easily integrates with Microsoft 365, book more meetings with no back-and-forth emails.

Safely store and view documents in-office or remotely, with document merge capability and DocuSign integration with our electronic filing cabinet

Automation and visibility on every client and staff activity, with unprecedented activity history analysis.

Lead Capture – Create and assign new leads as they come in, so that you can close more deals faster!

Track and monitor all your marketing campaigns, so you will not only know where your money is spent but also how effective it has been.

Access to a large and expendable list of standard reports and the ability to create customised report templates to use and share in your daily activities.

Personalised CompleteEmpire provides you total control over how you would like to arrange your data, work processes and filtering, to make your business processes easier, in your language, style and method.

EDM Easily create, send and track SMS & Email campaigns to market your business and communicate regularly with your clients;
Events Easily create, track and manage an in-person or virtual event, including online registration & follow-up telemarketing functionality, linked directly to your internal database and client history;

Surveys A fully customisable internal & external survey system to gather statistical data, track progress & internal processes;
Store Easily track and manage your online store with a full overview of all inventory, payments and logistics.

Integrated with your works, workflow, contact logs and calendar plus custom projects/tasks with graphical widgets, cost analysis and multiple levels of reporting.

Further modules are available, tailored to meet client and market needs.
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