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Consensus Award

In December 2019, CompleteEmpire was awarded the prestigious Consensus Software Award which has had previous winners of the calibre of Atlasian and WiseTech.

Judge’s Citation

Empire Software gave a professional and quality Presentation to the Judges which allowed to the Judging Panel to sufficiently understand the software, stage of development and performance. The Software is a fully integrated Enterprise Customer Relationship and Operational Management Software Program.

The first criteria the judges consider is Innovation of the Software. CompleteEmpire is not innovative software itself. However, the Judges considered that the Software was innovative in the way that it is fully integrated successfully, something that most other products pretend to do.

The presentation was able to show the Judges that the software did perform as required. All points of communication with clients and suppliers were fully integrated across the system and easily accessible to all User Defined Allowed Levels of Management. Similarly, for all modules in the Software.

The Software has been developed and fully funded by the company. Therefore, the company can market the software efficiently without pressures of debt behind them. CompleteEmpire Software brings a software program to the market on a subscription basis that allows many smaller organisations access to the integrated Software that has only been available to large corporations with very large IT Budgets. The Product is capable of being easily tailored to many industries.

Therefore, the Judges decided that the CompleteEmpire Software satisfied the necessary requirements of Innovation, Performance and Potential and is therefore qualified to receive a Consensus Award.

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