What We Do


Tailored cloud management systems to facilitate intelligent business

Innovative technologies with the latest research and cutting edge applications

Our skilled personnel have exceptional technical knowledge and business acumen

We have practical experience across a diverse range of industries internationally


Your business potential by improving operational productivity and performance

Extract maximum value from all aspects of your business to achieve a competitive edge

Gain visibility to identify and manage process improvements and make real time decisions

Grow with the global market, capture business and exceed customer expectations


Customised, flexible software management solutions

Integrated software with real time applications to increase business efficiencies

Rapid, cost effective, cloud computing systems for intelligent mobile business operations

Software systems that can evolve with your company and be easily modified in the future


Your unique strategic and operational requirements

Our highly collaborative approach ensures we fully understand your business

We partner with your organisation throughout the process

We identify problems and provide clearly communicated solutions

"We develop customised, integrated software solutions to optimise your unique strategic and operational goals."

Custom Business Management Software

“Innovative software platforms to manage all aspects of your business”

Our innovative business platform provides a distinct advantage over our competition, because it contains business functionality required by corporations of all sizes and industries. This means we never have to develop new software from scratch, allowing us to focus our attention on customising software to suit your unique business requirements. It also ensures fast and cost effective delivery of your new software management system.

Empire Software’s business management systems are extremely flexible. You can tailor the functionality of the system using our standardised software components or we can cost effectively create new features specifically for you. We can also design a system to fit in with your existing software.

We can integrate all aspects of your corporation and streamline data collection allowing you to extract maximum value from your system. Our integrated software solutions deliver accurate real time data reporting which allows you to respond quickly and with precision, resulting in improved business efficiency and performance.

All Empire systems are built with the future in mind, meaning that our software can quickly and easily evolve with your company and be modified to suit operational changes. We use innovative technologies with the latest research and cutting edge applications to enhance your systems lifespan.

Integrated Software System

“Collaborative systems to integrate all your business software”

Personalised to your unique business requirements, our innovative management software will integrate multiple aspects of your business and allow for an unsurpassed ability to manage all aspects of your organisation.

Empire Software can quickly and efficiently improve accuracy, visibility, efficiency and productivity across your entire business by designing a custom solution to integrate numerous software programs so they work together in harmony and support your strategic and operational business goals.

Cloud Computing Technologies

“Intelligent business technologies for global success”

Empire Software develop business management systems using cloud computing technologies. Our systems are built with stringent security protocols and give you instant access to business information anytime and anywhere, allowing you to make real time decisions. This provides you with the strongest competitive advantage to run your business in an intelligent, mobile nature.

We understand that some people are concerned about data privacy with cloud systems, but the truth is more and more government departments are opting for cloud data storage because of the benefits of data protection, operational access and reduction in hardware costs. Our friendly specialists can explain cloud computing in more detail, simply contact us by email or phone.

We have over 20 years of practical experience across a diverse range of industries internationally

  • Property
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Mining and Energy
  • Public Sector
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Commercial

What our clients say

"Empire software built a customised management system that allows me to identify opportunities I didn’t know previously existed”

- Carolyn, Operations Manager, Aussie Property


“Empires quick response and impressive design has made the difference in presenting our ideas in a professional way”
Matt Herron
FSETA Director of Accreditations
"Empire provides us with the flexibility to shape and modify our website live, when needed and wherever we are in the world"
Antonio Pineda
FSETA Director of Accreditations
"It was refreshing to see you interpret our specification into a project plan, so that there was a clear understanding by both of us on what was to be delivered."
Graham Lane
DVL Managing Director
"Skilled personnel with exceptional technical knowledge and business acumen."
Helen Avis
Specialist Mortgage Director

Executive Team

Empire Software is part of the SMATS Group of companies, with offices located in Singapore, Perth, Sydney, New York, London, Dubai, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur.

SMATS Group are celebrating their 20 year anniversary and their success as international market leaders in providing Australian taxation, finance and property investment services. A testament to the innovative Information Technology developed by Empire Software.

Steve Douglas and Taki Xaftellis began working together on software design in 1996. Empire Software was formally established in 2002 with the primary focus of developing customised software management systems that enhance business performance and operational productivity in fast and cost effective manner.

Steve Douglas, Director

Steve Douglas

Steve Douglas holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (Management) and has over 20 years of experience in business management, accounting and system design. Having started his accounting career in 1984 with Ernst & Young, he established a private practise in 1988 specialising in small business taxation and management.

He has been involved with a number of enterprises and began developing database management systems that gave real time effective reporting capabilities and sales focused information through his direct personal experience.

Steve is the Founder and Executive Chairman of SMATS Group and the Managing Director of Australasian Taxation Services – Australia’s only specialised taxation firm servicing property investors, expatriates and foreign investor taxation requirements.

Taki Xaftellis, Director of Technology

Taki Xaftellis

Taki Xaftellis holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Information Science and is the driving force behind the strategic technical direction for the company. Taki has held a range of senior positions including programme manager of the web development division for an energy company and technical architect for a mining company.

With more than 20 years information technology industry experience, he has worked in a diverse range of industries including mining, manufacturing, energy, finance, property and healthcare for both the public and private sector.

Taki has an extensive background in software delivery and brings to the company key expertise in project management, business & systems analysis, design & development utilising Microsoft architectures & technologies, and delivery of cloud computing solutions.

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